Capo dei Capi

Project Overview
Capo dei Capi — directly translated as ‘The Boss of Bosses’ — is the title of the highest ranking official in the hierarchy of a mafia family.

This packaging project aims to communicate the beauty and heritage of 19th century Sicily, while also hinting at it's unforgiving and sinister criminal underworld. Made at Shillington Education, London.
Target Audience
Hipsters, foodies.
Visual Key Words
Hand-crafted — Heritage — Swagger
The Borfecchias — one of the founding families of the Mafia in 19th century Sicily — were forced to move to Chicago after a vendetta was placed on them for the murder of a rival family member. During the era of prohibition in America, the Borfecchias used their links in Sicily to smuggle whiskey, gin, & rum in crates of pasta across the Atlantic Ocean. A family pasta recipe that has been passed down through the Borfecchia generations.
Brand Story
capo dei capi